Overview of the major manufacturers of floor scales.

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    How to choose the scales?

    Floor scales Beurer

    So, you have decided to completely change your life - to lose weight and prettier. And, of course, in order to realize his dream, going from the next Monday on a diet. The fridge is already on low-calorie foods in the closet waiting for you new tracksuit for intense workouts. What do you need more? Well, of course, scales. They in this difficult moment in the transformation of bbw hudyshku become your most loyal friend. Incidentally, psychologists say that often even the mere existence of the weights in the house of the owner and the desire to see yourself at least a few grams lighter (and as a result, frequent weighing), and really do wonders - weight actually falls.

    It would seem that complicated to choose conventional scales. Came into the store - and bought the first available, because they are all the same, probably, you think. In fact, when those that wish to purchase scales, come to the mall, they immediately lost, looking at the range and abundance models.

    Floor scales Vitek

    Because in fact, scales, despite the seeming simplicity of the design and use are different. Some of the latest models have a built-in electronics and functionality already resemble a mini-computer. Other - measured not only weight but also, for example, the level of fat and muscle mass and memorize settings of those who use these weights. But first things first.

    Initially should determine mechanical or electronic scales you wish to buy. Let's try to understand how they differ. In mechanical scales main element - measuring spring that stretches under the influence of our weight and turn the arrow to the right place measurement scale. Readability they usually 1 kg. These scales are easy to use, require no power, they have a high maximum load and a very small price. Minus such weights - not always perfectly accurate measurements, and the lack of extra features.

    In turn, the simplest electronic scales weighing principle do not differ from the mechanical - in their present structure is the same spring, only the weight they take on a digital display. Graduation at such scales typically 100 gr. to pound that allows you to get a more accurate result.

    Floor Scales Tanita

    In more modern models slightly different principle, it uses a voltage sensor, an electric current. The sensor is activated under the influence of the weight, and the transformed signal, respectively, on the digital display readings are also changed. Electronic scales, unlike mechanical, require constant power (usually from batteries). However, they tend themselves off.

    You should also immediately determine - scales you need to learn just dead weight, or have a need for additional functions. Note - these functions are really only incremental, and the quality of measurements (in this case, if you only need to simply weigh) they have no influence. But the price - how.

    Floor scales Vitesse

    Some models, as already mentioned, show the relationship of bone and muscle tissue, while others calculate body mass index. If you want to keep records of scales dynamics change your weight, you should buy those that will be able to fix in the memory weight of each member of the family and show the results of previous weighings. If finances allow, you can even choose such a scale that will be able to determine who among the regular users currently weighed.

    When you purchase a scale, for example, the sports section, it is wiser to just buy a model with more memory. Some scales are equipped with a remote monitor that allows a person to not bend, and at a comfortable height to consider the evidence. If all that you are not particularly interested in, or you do not even know what it was about to pay for the extra features hardly worth it. In a word, no matter what scale you have not purchased, the most important thing - they will become your most loyal ally in the fight against the hated kilograms.



    Floor scales Beurer GS 207 Spring
    Beurer GS 207 Spring

    Floor scales Tefal PP5049 Tendancy
    Tefal PP5049 Tendancy

    Floor scales Bosch PPW3101
    Bosch PPW3101

    Floor scales Scarlett SL-1558
    Scarlett SL-1558

    Floor scales Polaris PWS 1831DG Spa
    Polaris PWS 1831DG Spa

    Floor Scales Tanita UM-015S
    Tanita UM-015S

    Floor scales Soehnle 61097 Edition
    Soehnle 61097 Edition

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